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The Platypus (lat. Ornithorhynchus anatinus) was a sensation when it was discovered in the year 1799 in Australia by the British scientist Dr. George Shaw:

a mammal that lays eggs!

Many people marveled at this paradox of nature. Some scientists even doubted that this animal existed and believed it to be a hoax. Even Dr. Shaw himself cut away the hairs of the animal looking for the seams linking the bill to the body.

If you look closely, there is nothing extraordinary about an animal that lays eggs and nurses it's young. For the platypus, this has been the ordinary way of life for over 100.000 years. What happened? The scientists that devised the classification system used in biology divided the animal kingdom into mammals that nurse their young on one side and animals that lay eggs on the other side. They never expected the existence of the platypus (or, for that matter, the existence of the only living relative of the platypus, the Echidna.)

These animals broke the boundaries of the biological classification system of the day. It - literally - was outside the box. The scientists chose to hold on to their classification system despite clear evidence that the system did not accurately reflect reality.

To us, the platypus is a constant reminder to change our vantage point and perspective, to think outside the box.

By changing perspective, seemingly intractable contradictions can be resolved effortlessly, revealing the chances that have been lying in waiting.
That is the goal we want to reach through our work.
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